Simplify Digital Transformation

My Internship Experience

Problem Overview

The old website had a number of small details that were not well-polished, such as misaligned graphics, inconsistent font styles, and low-quality images. These details made the website look unprofessional and untrustworthy. This was not accurately reflecting the company's values of innovation, creativity, and quality. The site was outdated and used a generic template that could have been used for any business. This made it difficult for potential customers to understand what the company was all about.

Goals and Objectives

The website redesign was driven by two primary goals: to dramatically simplify the process of opening a technical support ticket and to establish the website as the most visually appealing in the industry. These goals aligned with the company's overall objectives and contributed to the redesign's success. The redesign aimed to minimize ticket creation steps, provide multiple support channels, enable ticket creation without account registration, enhance search capabilities for self-resolution of common issues, and ultimately elevate the user experience through a visually stunning design.

A neo-brutalist touch

To add a unique and memorable aesthetic, the website features some illustrations by Lukasz Adam. This neo-brutalist style, while different from the company's previous visual codes, represents a bold and innovative choice in a sector where visual communication is often stagnant and uninspiring.

The adoption of neo-brutalism was not a random choice, but the result of careful reflection on the company's brand identity and the communication objectives of the website. The goal was to create a visual experience that was both innovative, memorable, and in line with the company's values.